Things to Do in Dapoli

Dapoli has many activities to offer you to indulge in during your holiday in Dapoli, although its not a activity oriented destination. While in Dapoli you could try some water sports and water rides that Dapoli has to offer. Dapoli has many option to offer for the foodie. You can enjoy authentic kokani cuisines in Dapoli and the options that Dapoli has are not limited to the non vegetarians.

Although there are many things that are available for you to do in Dapoli, Dapoli really is a destination for sightseeing rather than a activity center. There is water sports, dolphin watch rides etc available at Dapoli however if water sports is your priority probably Malvan will score higher as an ideal destination for you. Dapoli however is a great destination if you are a foodie and want authentic kokani cuisines.

Dolphin Sighting in Dapoli

Dapoli Activities

Water Sports in Dapoli

Almost all the popular beaches have water sports facilities in Dapoli. Jet skii rides and other popular water rides like banana rides and bumper rides is available in Dapoli. Murud Harnai in a way is the hub of all water sports activities in Dapoli. Palande just ahead of Harnai on the way to Anjarle is also very popular for water sports. Parasailing is also organized at most of the beaches in the evening especially on weekends and holidays.

Dolphin Watch Boatride - Dapoli

Dolphin watch rides are one of the most popular activities in Dapoli, the best time to go for a dolphin watch boating trip is early in the morning. Dolphin watch rides are available at all tyhe beaches in Sapoli however most of the boats that take tourists for this popular ride in fact brlng to Burundi just south of Ladghar beach. Spotting a dolphin during such a trip is a matter of chance however generally one would spot a dolphin if not a school of them.

Maldoli Crocodile Spotting

Maldoli is a small village near Chiplun by the banks of Vashishti river. Spotting a crocodile in the Vashishti river is the majot attraction of the place. A bot trip to Maldoli can be organized from Dabhol and the boat ride would take about two hrs upstream from Dabhol.Once you reach Maldoli spotting a crocodile is almost definite. A wildlife spotting trip is what can really spice up your beach vacation especially if you are on a long holiday to Dapoli.

Food in Dapoli

Food in Dapoli is a highlight of any trip to Dapoli. You can taste authentic kokani food especially s small eateries in Dapoli. Seafood definitely is the highlight of the food served in Dapoli.

The food prepared is slightly on the spicy side and definitely very aromatic. Although coconut is used liberally its not used as as much as in Malvani culinary style. The spices used especially kokam gives the food a zing that one would miss in the regular maharashtrian food.

Dapoli being a coastal village, the food served here definitely has seafood as its highlight howver Dapoli also has a sizeable population of Kokanasth brahmins. You can definitely enjoy some vegetarian delicacies like panchakhadya khirapat and modaks too that you can enjoy in Dapoli.

Food in Dapoli