Dabhol Beach - A Black Sand Cove

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Dabhol beach, one of the most secluded beaches amongst the beaches in this stretch, is a serene beach with the tranquility augmented by the 'suruche ban' lining the enire stretch of the beach thanks to the afforestation efforts of Maharashtra government. A black sand beach Dabhol is the beach you need to head for if you are looking for some quality time alone with your loved ones.

Dabhol town is located on the south-west border of Dapoli taluka. Vashishthi River flowing from Chiplun merges into the sea at Dabhol forming the Dabhol creek. Chandikadevi Temple and a fishing jetty are the major attractions in Dabhol. The underground temple of Chandikadevi with a swayambhu idol is thronged by pilgrims every year during shivaratri.

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Dabhol Beach

Dabhol Beach - Dapoli

Dabhol beach is one amongst the many highlights of a vacation in Dabhol. Chandikadevi Temple is the primary attraction in Dabhol. The underground temple of Chandikadevi with a swayambhu idol is thronged by pilgrims every year during shivaratri.The revered Vashishti river meets the sea in Dabhol forming the Dabhol creek. Hire a boat and wade into the river with a fishing rod and you could try your hand at fishing too in the creek!

Sri Chandikadevi Mandir

Believed to be from the Pandav era the swayambhu Chandika Devi temple housed within a small underground cave is located on the Dabhol-Dapoli road about 27 kms from Dapoli. Housed within a small cave without electrical lights, lit up by 'samayis' is the idol of Chandika devi .The festival of Navaratri is celebrated in a big way at the temple. During the celebration, thousands of people come from different parts of the state to see the diety.

Anda Masjid

Anda Masjid with the dome and minarets located close to the Dabhol port elucidates muslim architecture. Standing close to the port, Anda Masjid was built in Adilshah’s regime by Aisha Bibi in 1659-60 by the builder Kamil Khan. It is said that Adilshah’s Begum spent around 1.5 million rupees for the construction of the mosque. Anda masjid still remains one of the prominent landmarks in Dabhol and is definitely worth a visit.

Sightseeing near Dabhol Beach

Kolthare Beach

Kolthare with a small cove tucked between two hillocks is another secluded beach close to Dabhol famous for the Koleshwar temple 'Kul Daiwat' of many chitpavan families and of all Bhaves. Until recently there weren't many hotels at Kolthare however Kolthare has also started springing up small resorts to offer acommodation for the tourists visiting Kolthare.

Ladghar Beach

Ladghar is a small stretch of beach to the south of the rocky hillock which seperates it from Karde. Ladghar extends onto Burundi - a small fishing hamlet to its south. There is a 'Dutta mandir' - the village diety, atop the hillock on the northern end of Ladghar beach. Parasailing and water sports like water scooters is available in Ladghar and is very popular.

Crocodile Spotting

Maldoli is a small village near Chiplun by the banks of Vashishti river. Spotting a crocodile in the Vashishti river is the major attraction of the place. A boat trip to Maldoli can be organized from Dabhol and the boat ride would take about two hrs upstream from Dabhol.Once you reach Maldoli spotting a crocodile is almost definite.

White Sand Beaches - Guhagar

Guhagar is a pristine beach which has just started featuring in the tourist map of popular destinations in Maharashtra.

Guhagar is the first beach amongst the long stretch of Konkan beaches with white sand true to its texture unlike beaches north of Vashishti river. Guhagar beach is a very long beach and extends for almost six kilometers between two hillocks. Velneshwar and Hedvi well known for its temples are two other popular destinations within Guhagar taluka just a few kms from Guhagar town.

Guhagar can be easily visited during a holiday in Dapoli. Suvarnadurg shipping has a ferry across Vashishti river which even carries four wheelers from Dabhol to Dhopave about 10 kms from Guhagar.

Guhagar Beach