Interesting Spots in Dapoli

There are many interesting spots in dapoli that you can visit if you are on a long vacation to Dapoli. Although not frequented much by regular tourists the Panhalekaji budhist caves located at about 30 kms from Dapoli is delight for the one historically inclined. Unhavare just about 20 kms from Panhalekaji is another fascinating spot with its sulphurous hot springs.

Near the Panhalekaji caves about 20 Kms from Dapoli is the Unhavare village famous for the hot sulphur springs. Located in the valley on the bank of a small river surrounded by hills this rustic village is definitely worth a visit if you are on a long vacation in Dapoli. The boiling spring water bubbles up into a series of three rock pools. The hot spring water is clear with just a faint smell and taste of sulphur.

Unhavare Hot Water Spring

Special Attractions

Karve Smarak - Murud

Konkan has given many prestigious personalities to the country. One such personality was Maharshi Karve whose memorial has been set up in the Murud. His life story and the information of his work has been displayed here. The items used by Maharshi Karve, photos taken of him with other great personalities and his statue has been put up in this museum. Maharshi Karve was honoured with Bharat Ratna and he was the first recipient of the award.

Parashuram Bhoomi

Located near Burundi on the Dapoli-Kolthare road Parashuram Bhoomi is a large statue of lord Parashram erected on top of a globe. The hill top affords a magnificent view of the coastline. This place has a good garden which is well maintained with seating arrangements. The entire complex with well-laid out walkways lined with floral pots and trees further adds to the charm of the place. Although the statue stands on private property its open for public to visit.

Harnai fish auction

Harnai port is the main fishing village. Every evening hundreds of fishing boats come back after fishing and gather to auction their catch. The fish auction is the essential trade step between fish landings and the trade. Business worth lakhs of rupees is carried out daily between 4 pm to 7 pm. Witnessing the fish auctions here is a awe inspiring experience and you could also hitch a ride in a bullock cart here. You can also purchase some fish here at the port.



Discovered in 1970 Panhalekaji is a complex of 28 - 29 caves filled with exquisite art value wrt architecture and quality of craftmanship. These budhist caves have a few inscriptions in Brahmi and Devanagari and also remnants of statues from 3 AD. Panhalekaji is about 35 Kms from Dapoli and the drive will take just over an hour from Dapoli but well worth it!

The Layout

All 29 caves are not placed next to each other; they are spread around the entire site. Some inscriptions in Brahmi and Devanagari languages are also there inside Panhalekaji caves. There are no informative boards or name plates regarding caves in the Panhalekaji caves area. There is a big boulder in a river nearby with carvings of four doors on it.


Representations of Matsyendranatha, Adinatha and Uma are there inside cave number 29. This cave also hosts sculptures of Goraknatha and Maha-Tripurasundari. Different panels inside this cave show various figures. Small panels in this cave have 84 Siddhas. Buddhist stupa from the 3rd century AD is in cave number 5.