Temples in Dapoli

Dapoli is home to some very revered and rare temples of Konkan. Famed a the 'Parashuram Bhumi' Dapoli houses a temple complex of Parashuram at Ade. Durga devi temple in Harnai probably is the most visited temple in Dapoli apart from the Kadyavarcha Ganpati temple located in Anjarle. Keshavraj and Vyaghreshwar temples in Asud is also worth a visit.

Famed as the Parashuram Bhoomi, Dapoli houses one of the two temples didicated to Parashuram at Ade the second one being at Chiplun. Yaqub Baba dargah is also worth a mention. More than 300 years old this dargah built in Kelshi close to the Mahalaxi mandir has the distinction of being visited by Shivaji and Sambhaji maharaj ad even peshwa Thorle Bajirao

Temples in Dapoli

Temples in Dapoli

Durgadevi Mandir - Murud

The Durga Devi temple is located right at the start of the way to the Maharshi Karve - Harnai beach, five minutes walk from the beach. The Durga Devi temple was built way back in the 18th century with Durga Devi as the presiding diety. The temple has a pyramid-like roof of terracotta tiles, along with a pond and a hanging temple bell to the left of the main entrance. Durga devi temple is a must visit especially if you are staying in Harnai.

Kadyavarcha Ganpati Temple

Built in 1150 and later renovated during 1768 to 1780 Kadyavarcha Ganpati or Ganesh temple built atop a hill invokes deep religious fervour amongst its devotees. The idol of the diety "Ujwya Sondecha Ganpati" is a rarity with its trunk turned towards its right side. There is a Shiva temple located just next to the Ganpati temple. The temple is located in Anjarle ahead of Harnai about 25 kms from Dapoli at a vantage point offering a panoramic view.

Shree Bhargavram Temple

One of the two Parashuram temples in Konkan, the other being the one in Chiplun, Shree Bhargavram temple is an ancient temple complex in existence since the time of Peshwas. Shree Bhargavram temple complex with five temples each of which faces east is located between Kelshi and Ade . Along with the main temple of Shree Bhargavram, this complex also houses the temples of Shiva, Renuka, Hanuman, Ganesh, Vetal and Shani.

A Land of Sanguine Temples

Sri Vyaghreshwar

Vyaghreshwar temple is about 1000 years old and lies on the riverbank in Asud. A 15 minute trek through coconut, betel nut, mango and cashew trees gets you to the temple. A natural spring supplies water to the stone carved cow mouth (Goumukh) throughout the year. Vyaghreshwar temple is built in Hemadpanthi style architecture and houses a swambhu shivling.

Mahalaxmi Mandir

Located at the base of the Utambar hill, enclosed in a stone wall fortification Mahalaxmi temple Swayambhu Mahalakshmi temple was built during the Peshwa regime. The Mahalaxmi temple also houses the idols of Lord Ganpati and Lord Shiva. The sanctum lies beneath two huge domes. You can enter the sanctum through three doors.

Sri Chandikadevi

Believed to be from the Pandav era the swayambhu Chandika Devi temple housed within a small underground cave is located on the Dabhol-Dapoli road about 27 kms from Dapoli. The festival of Navaratri is celebrated in a big way at the Chandika devi mandir. During the celebration, thousands of people come from different parts of the state to see the diety.

Mosques and Dargahs in Dapoli

Dapoli with a sizeable muslim population houses some very beautiful mosques and dargahs. The Yaqub baba durgah in Kelshi is a noteworthy durgah in Dapoli.

Hajrat Yakub baba Sarvari Rahamtulla Dargah is historically famous and is about 400 years old. Every year on 6th of December a mega fest “Urus” is organized here, at the Yakub baba Dargah in Kelshi. Muslims and Hindus attend this Urus in equal numbers.

Anda Masjid with the dome and minarets located close to the Dabhol port elucidates muslim architecture. Built during Adilshah’s Regime, Anda masjid still remains one of the prominent landmarks in Dabhol and is definitely worth a visit.

Yakub baba dargah