Dapoli - Mini Mahabaleshwar

Dapoli at an altitude of about 800 ft above sea level offers a real 'hug the clouds and kiss the sand' experience. The winding roads climbs up hills and pass through paddy fields to end up in pristine sandy beaches.

Dapoli has a series of very popular beaches each a tourist destination in its own right. The sea forts off the Dapoli coast and the temples in Dapoli are the primary attractions of Dapoli apart from the beaches. Dapoli has one of the longest stretch of beaches tucked between Bhagmandala in the north and the Dabhol creek in the south. Dapoli beaches starting from Dabhol stretches through Ladghar and Karde right uptil Kelshi. The beaches in Dapoli have a fine white sand cover however underneath it is fine black sand. Most of the beaches in Dapoli are connected but for a few creeks in between!

Dapoli in Monsoons

Dapoli Holidays

Dapoli Beach

Beaches in Dapoli are located about 10 - 15 kms from the Dapoli town. Although taxis and buses are available at the Dapoli stand its better to travel by own transport to Dapoli especially if you wish do some beach hopping or visit the temples and other options of sightseeing in Dapoli. Parasailing and water sports is available at all the popular beaches in Dapoli so is dolphin watch boat rides. Harnai is the hub of water sports in Dapoli.

Suvarnadurg fort Dapoli

Located about a quarter of a mile off the coast from Harnai port is the fascinating Suvarnadurg Fort. A rocky island, Suvarnadurg is about 8 acres big with stone wall bastions. The sea-gate of Suvarnadurg fort depicts carved figures of a tiger, eagle & elephants and fifteen old guns are located inside this sea fort. Suvarnadurg is cetainly a must visit during your Dapoli vacation. Fishing boats are available from Harnai port to Suvarnadurg fort.

Durga Devi temple -Dapoli

The Durga Devi temple is located right at the start of the way to the Maharshi Karve - Harnai beach, five minutes from the beach. The Durga Devi temple was built way back in the 18th century with Durga Devi as the presiding diety. The temple has a pyramid-like roof of terracotta tiles, along with a pond and a hanging temple bell to the left of the main entrance. Durga devi temple is a must visit especially if you are staying in Harnai.

A Land of Surprises - Dapoli

Home to Great Men

Dapoli is home to many great men and the most popular beach in Daoli is even named after one. Maharshi Dr. Dhondo Keshav Karve was from Dapoli who was the first Bharat Ratna laureate. A photo memmorial is maintained in honour of Maharshi Karve close to Durga Devi temple in Murud, and is well worth a visit if you want to see some historic photographs.

Krishi Vidyapeeth

Dr. Balasaheb Sawant Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth, formerly Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth, is an agricultural university located at Dapoli. The university carries out extensive research related to rice, fruits, and horticulture. It has 15 off-campus research stations throughout the Konkan region. It also rums two agricultural science centres at Shirgaon and Karjat.

Alphonso Mangoes

Alphonso Mangoes is the most popular variety of mangoes in India. The best variant of Alphonso mangoes are grown in Dapoli. Alphonso mangoes are expensive mangoes and the peak season for Alphonso Mangoes starts from March and ends in June. During summers agro tourism centers in Dapoli become very popular because of alphonso mangoes.

Holidays in Dapoli

There are numerous interesting spots in Dapoli and we recommend atleast a 2N/3D to plan a good holiday in Dapoli.

If you are planning a 1 night weekend break to Dapoli please try not make it hectic by including too many spots to cover during your stay. Especially if its a short break that you are planning make sure to stay by the beach as there is no dearth of hotels near the Dapoli beach.

If you are a sea food afficianado, Dapoli is a dream come true. You can enjoy great sea food prepared in the traditional kokani culinary style at almost any of the hotels in Dapoli during your holidays in Dapoli. There are some vegetarian delicacies like Panchakhadya Khirapat and modaks too that Dapoli is famous for.

Things to Do in Dapoli

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Kadyavarcha Ganpati temple Suvarnadurg Fort
Kanakdurg Fort Panhalekaji
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