Dapoli - A Perfect Holiday Destination

No one has covered this piece of land the way we have. We bring you a complete travel guide to Dapoli. You can get first hand information about temples, sea forts, interesting spots in Dapoli and hotels in Dapoli at various beaches in Dapoli.

We have identified almost all the sightseeing options in Dapoli and its definitely not just the Dapoli beaches. For your ease of planning a trip in Dapoli we have categorized the best beaches, temples sea forts and other sightseeing options in Dapoli. We also have brought you the best hotels and resorts in Dapoli at various beaches so that you can choose the best option for yourselves. we also have organized tour plans based on each one of the beaches in Dapoli to make things easier for you! If you need us to plan your holiday in Dapoli for you we would always be happy to help you!

Dapoli Beach

Dapoli Holidays

Dapoli Beach

Dapoli, a small town in Ratnagiri, is everything a holiday destination should be. A perfect place for a beach holiday, Dapoli has something for every one. With a long stretch of beach extending from Dabhol in the south and Kelshi in the northern end Dapoli has one of the longest stretch of beaches. The temples sea forts hotsprings and archaeological sites around Dapoli doesnt cease to surprise you and makes it a complete holiday destination.


Dapoli is a town at an altitude of about 800 ft above sea level. The beaches which Dapoli is famous for is about 10-15 kms away from the town. While planning a holiday in Dapoli especially if its a short break, choose one of the beaches in Dapoli that you plan to visit and try staying close to the beach. While zeroing in on the beach also consider the distance to the sightseeing option like temples or forts that you want to cover during your holiday.


The best season to visit Dapoli is October end to mid February, however you will be able to see a different shade of Dapoli during monsoons. You would know why some people call Dapoli the mini Mahabaleshwar if you visit Dapoli during monsoons. Humidity stays on the higher side in Dapoli owing to its proximity to the sea and it can get very hot during summers. Evenings in Dapoli however are quite pleasent even during summers.

What to Do in Dapoli

Things to Do in Dapoli

There is lots to do in Dapoli apart from splashing around in the pristine waters and visiting age old temples in Dapoli. Dolphin watch rides are one of the most popular activities in Dapoli, the best time to go for a dolphin watch boating trip is early in the morning. Water sports facilities are available in almost all the beaches in Dapoli.

SCUBA Diving in Dapoli

In the quest to find new diving site for SCUBA diving in Maharashtra, Joshua's SCUBA Diving attempted SCUBA diving in Dapoli. The dive site identified was close to Burundi about 2 kilometers from Ladghar. A few dives where attempted but result wasnt satisfactry so the center is still on the look out for a good dive site in Dapoli

Water Sports in Dapoli

Water sports facilities are available in almost all the beaches in Dapoli, the best facilities are any way available at the Murud Harnai beach where apart from jet ski, bumper and banana rides and ATV rides etc even parasailing in the sea behind the boat is also available. Dolphin watch boat rides are also very popular in Dapoli.

How to Reach - Dapoli

Dapoli is approximately 185 kms from Pune and 225 kms from Mumbai and will take about 4-5 hrs to reach. Public transport buses are available which would get you to Dapoli however travelling within Dapoli for sightseeing would become difficult unless you have a vehichle at your disposal.

The beaches in Dapoli are atleast about 15 kms away from the town and the availability of buses are not very frequent. It is highly recommeded to drive down to Dapoli as the Distance between Mumbai and Pune is also just abut 200Kms!

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Best of Dapoli

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